One Awesome Handwritten Poem


One Awesome Handwritten Poem


This funny little stanza from the beautiful poem, "As I Was Sleeping" by Antonio Machado resonates so much with me that I've transcribed it for the past seven years, around my birthday. It reminds me of my human-ness. The re-writing of this one particularly is grounding for me--it reminds me that, within our failings, beyond our failures is another chance and the beauty within fortitude informs our successes. Life is an ocean waving, and a beehive of fancy work to do and un-do. The visceral idea of creating something new, crafting a new chapter and finding, within whatever chance was lost, whatever bitterness perceived, the sweet honey our hearts want to make, is finally all we can do to get back to grace.

Each will be written to order especially for you from me, penned by hand using calligraphy pen and J. Herbin ink, a beautiful old French ink that's been around since the 1700's and who's maker, a sailor named J. Herbin "made ink for Louis XIV, and a black ink for the sole use of Victor Hugo" or if you prefer, a walnut brown ink made by hand by the owners of Monograph Bookwerks in Portland, OR. 

The colors (using the J. Herbin) will be subtly different but each one will be made individually on cream 6"x8" Arches cotton rag sketch paper, one-of-a-kind, One Awesome Thing, just for you. Unframed, packaged flat and safe in archival tissue and envelope with handwritten "Art Enclosed" labels and a little note about the poem.

Message me if you have a specific color(s) you'd like. Otherwise, let me create a surprise for you by choosing Warm (reds/orange/ochre) or Cool (blues/greens/violet). The price is reasonable because I want you to have it and let it heal you the way it works to heal me when I need it.

Shipped within 2-3 days of order. Shipping is included.


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