The First Step for A Bunch of Small Steps

I think the message here folks is in a small lesson about refocusing: If you find yourself pretty focused on the things you can't do, didn't do, haven't done, did poorly, did because you were rushed, or crushed, or aren't apt to do, won't do, and all over again can't do, here's something you can try and it's insanely easy:  In the moment you tell yourself you can't, drown the NEXT moment in the simple question that is, "WHAT'S THE ONE AWESOME THING I CAN DO RIGHT NOW?" And now you can just shift your focus on the things you want to do, one step at a time, real slow if that's how it has to happen. Forget the rest. The past don't matter none, you're with me now.

You got me? Now it's stuff you can do.

1. You no can do.  ----->

2. YOU CAN DO. ∞

growing=growth (photo by  Deb Stein )

growing=growth (photo by Deb Stein)

What better way to illustrate this than with a REAL LIFE STORY~ This come straight outta the life of a sweet friend who tested out her One Awesome Thing move with great aplomb. You ready? She was thinking to herself, "Self? Remember the time, many moons ago, when you ran that marathon?  That was so great, I felt so good and I'd sure like to try a half-marathon at this point but but but...." BUT she pretty quickly talked  herself out of it. For about a year she told herself, she couldn't do it, she was too out of shape, she had no time, she didn't have the support, she didn't have the right running clothes, she needed new get the idea. Then a few weeks ago, we spoke a little about One Awesome thing. She smiled real big and I could see her folding up the thought on an imaginary piece of paper and put it in her back-pocket for later. She must have kept that sparkly thought for when later comes.

So, later does come (!) and she's thinking, "Hmmm, this half-marathon thing--if I want to do it, which I probably can't, I should at least find out when it is I guess." So she took out her computer and looked up Half-Marathon. It was a month away. Hmmm. So she figured, "I guess I could just download a Running app, right?" So she did and it sat in her phone for a few days until she looked at it and said, "I guess I could try it?" And then she tried it. And it was pretty good but then she thought, "Maybe a Running Club might help me even more?" So she looked that up too and found out they met the very next day. So she just figured, "Maybe the One Awesome Thing I could do for myself is... I should check it out." And the next day she arranged a sitter, woke up early and ran over in her make-shift running clothes and began the process of training. She's made new running friends, she meets up with them now a few times a week and I think she's feeling pretty good in a few different ways. 

Guess what? You're DOOOING IT! (photo by Deb Stein)

Guess what? You're DOOOING IT! (photo by Deb Stein)

The moral here is every step was small and every step she worked hard to get all her NO CAN DOOS to just SHUT UP PLEASE FOR A SECOND and while those guys were piping down she invited in the far more positive and approachable question, "What's the One Awesome Thing I can do right now?" And then it was pretty easy actually. She CAN DOOD until she was DOOING and now she's about to DOO the half-marathon so WILLLLLD APPLAUSE please!!

I love this story. Wanna share yours?