The Full Force of Nature is You Baby

Today's One Awesome Thing is this: If you have the urge to do the thing you know isn't the answer to your problems, ask yourself what the One Awesome Thing You Can Do instead is. Can I use "is" at the end of a sentence? Probably not. 

Let me tell you a story instead. Yesterday I called my mom. She can be discouraging. She can be the one to say," Are you sure you want to do that? There's a lot of competition out there", after I tell her about an idea I'm thinking of pursuing. She probably thinks warnings like this are productive. She's a survivor of war.  Whether she was being realistic or being a naysayer, it made me feel sh*tty. So I asked myself right quick, what can you do here? The One Awesome Thing I did was this: I lied. "WHOPE! MOM? I have another call coming in! Gotta go!" For a minute I felt bad. Not about lying, (which some would argue is morally wrong, especially to your dear old mum), but about what I felt like maybe I couldn't do. Maybe she's right. Maybe I believed that she thought I couldn't do it, which is a bummer. I was so excited but then I tripped and I believed her. She's my mom....But I got right out there in the middle of Pity Street and stopped the Bus of Doom from running me down. I made a split second decision that the One Awesome Thing I could do, was to put up a boundary right quick. I turned to the friend in my brain that said, "NO! I won't have a dialogue about how I probably can't do something!"

The second where I reminded myself of my One Awesome Thing, life fed me a little. It nourished something much more productive than her words, which can turn into my words, that may have been truthful but hurtful for reasons maybe she couldn't fathom. And then, I walked the dog a little longer, felt a little sunshine on my face, saw a sun shower, watched a rainbow, life got a little better. 

oxo, Bonbon