Seven Tips for a Monday Night

Monday night's a good night to have a big yard sale. Better yet, throw it away if it won't do anyone any good. Here's how in Seven easy steps.
Step #1: Get rid of all the extra stuff you don't really want floating around in your head. 
Step #2: Put it in a big "garbage bag" and put it out on the curb. 
Step #3: Label it, "Free if you want it".
Step #4: Come back inside and see how much lighter and funner you feel.
Step #5: Consider it the One Awesome Thing you did today. (Think it, write it or tweet it!)
Step #6: Think about how awesome you feel.
Step #7: Suggest to someone else to try these steps too if you can't keep it to yourself. ‪#‎OneAwesomeThing‬